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Andreas Olsen

What is The Triangle Project?

The Triangle Project is a private non-profit project researching the light phenomena in Hessdalen, Norway. These light phenomena are frequently referred to as UFOs or «The Hessdalen Phenomenon». The phenomena can be observed either high up in the sky or close to the ground, in some cases on the ground. For more information on the phenomena, click here.

The main goal of The Triangle Project is to gather more and better photographic documentation related to «The Hessdalen Phenomenon». For more information on this point, see the idea behind the project. The first operations in the field took place 10th to 12th October 1997. You will find a description of the field work, an extract of the field reports, have a closer look at the pictures, and read the observation reports. (We got two sightings, but where only able to shoot pictures of one of them.)

News: Read about our new field operation...

The last update from Hessdalen!

You will find links to other pages, and you are welcome to sign our guestbook. Project Hessdalen was the first attempt to investigate systematically into these phenomena. The Triangle Project is proud to announce that we are conducting our investigations in close cooperation with Project Hessdalen.

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