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Welcome to my Amiga homepage

Welcome to my Amiga homepage which is mainly set up for the many users of Recall and EasyRexx out there. This homepage has links to the most recent versions of my projects on the Amiga.

Unfortunately I no longer own an Amiga :-( so all my projects have been put on ice at least for two years. If you (or anyone you know) would like to take over any of my projects, please contact me. I would like see these projects being developed further.

Suggestions and bug reports may be sent to ketil@sis.pitt.edu.

Most source codes for my projects are now available from this homepage, of charge. You may spread it as you wish. However, you may not release new versions of my projects unless you have a permition from me. The source codes are also available from Aminet in the dev/c directory.

Recall V3.0 key is also available and it's . This key will unlock the limitations in the shareware program making it shareware no more. I will still accept contributions for it though.



ZIP Archive Bytes Description Sourcecode Screenshots
AmigaCue V1.0 N/A digital teleprompter-system for the Amiga plattform N/A
Recall V3.0 (237.118) the best reminder-utility available! (599.000)
EasyRexx V3.2 (258.165) a complete AREXX Interface Designer (498.000)
Locale N/A Locale sources for Recall and EasyRexx (132.000)  
MoreReq V1.0 (38.019) a package which makes it easy to make popup-gadgets (64.700)
Alert V1.1 (5.960) a small Shell-command to display text in alertboxes (12.000)
EasyGadgets V2.0 N/A GUI layout library with a lot of useful functions (91.400)
SetMouse V2.0 (3.020) a small Shell-command to move the mousepointer from scripts (12.000)  
Blackborder V1.1 (1.365) turn off screen border (OS3.0+) (3.510)  
IconifyButtonClass V1.0 (1.800) BOOPSI class for a windowborder iconify gadget Available in the class itself  
GroupFrameClass V1.0 (2.830) BOOPSI class for a GroupFrame Available in the class itself  

The archives are first lha'ed and then zipped. This is needed because nobody knows how to define .lha files on our server. If you know how to do this on an Unix server, please contact me...

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I'm a member of the International Amiga Society.

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