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What is GRSP - Georgia Rotary Student Program - The Purpose

The Rotarians of the State of Georgia, USA, operate a program by granting scholarships to students to study in the colleges and universities in Georgia. By using the means of scholarships they are trying to promote international good will through the bounds of friendship and understanding with one another.

The GRSP granted 80 scholarships last year (1995) to undergraduate and graduate students, mostly undergraduate students. The scholarship covers one scholastic year, from September to June, in colleges and universities located in the State of Georgia. The scholarship pays all scholastic costs included tuition, books, college provided room, food and some pocket money. So it really is a great scholarship ! For more information; contact your local Rotary club.

The GRSP History

In 1946, William A. Watt of Thomasville, saw the need for a practical application of the Rotary ideal of international service. It was logical that this application of international service should be centered around the youth of the world, in whose hands would rest the future of world peace.

So was born Will Watt's idea. As a past District Governor of Rotary, he advanced this idea to the Rotarians of former District 165 which at that time included the entire State of Georgia. The sum of $ 4,000.00 was provided, $ 1.00 per Rotarian, and three young men and one young women, in 1946-47 from European countries became the first Rotary sponsored students to attend schools in Georgia.

Through the years the interest of Georgia Rotarians in this program grew in intensity permitting a steady increase in the number of scholarships granted. In the years since the inception of the program, more than 2000 young men and women, from about 80 countries, have been brought to the campuses of Georgia by its Rotarians.

The Reunion

The reunion was held in Oslo the last weekend of July, from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th. It was a great weekend, with about 25 people attending. The program took place in Oslo and its surroundings. We meet Thursday and had a nice evening in the Gustav Vigeland park. Friday night we had a nice dinner in Kunstnernes Hus (The House of the Artists). Saturday night we went to Janken's beautiful summer house in the Oslo fjord and had a blast. The old Georgia feeling came back and we all enjoyed that party. We even took some pictures. We are sure that everybody enjoyed this reunion, it was really something to remember. Sunday was time for good-bye, it was, as usual, sad to say good-bye - we are all a part of everybody's life, but someday we will meet again. Do not miss that event !

The people attending the reunion:

Austria: Johannes

France: Emanuelle, Francoise, Laurence and Bruno (Laurences husband)

Germany: Florian, Nathalie, Stephanie (W.)

Italy: Silvia and husband Andrea was supposed to be there but could not make it.

Sweden: Fredrik, Åsa and husband Fredrik. Mikael was supposed to come but was not able to.

Switzerland: Christian

Norway: Marit and husband Gaudenz from Switzerland, Lillian (and Florian) and the first real GRSP kid from the class of 1986/87 was born in December 1996, Helena Oline !, Siv and husband Ole Johan, Janken and wife Cille, Kristin could not come, Marianne, Håkon, Knut, Ole Henrik and Lars

The Oslo Reunion Program

25 July

Herregårdskroen in the Gustav Vigeland Park, Drinks and Dinner

26 July

Sightseeing; Holmenkollen, Frognerseteren, Lunch at the Folkemuseum, Viking ship museum and swimming/sunbathing at the beach.

Friday evening dinner at the Kunstnrnes hus.

27 July

Shoping, boat trip to Bygdøy, Thor Heyerdahl Museum. Boat trip to the Grims island for the party at Janken's summer house.

28 July

Meeting at Aker brygge and a sad good-bye - but we'll meet again !

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The Next Reunion:

After this really great weekend in Oslo, we figured it would be nice to meet again in 2001 ! That is 5 years from now. If we decide date and place earlier for the next reunion, even more people will probably show up because there were quite a few that had other plans for this reunion weekend. To those of you that did not make it to Oslo, you really missed the weekend of the year, but make sure you can make it to the next reunion. Åsa said she might arrange it, the French team as well, or may be Denmark can be back on track by arranging the next one ?? Who knows - anyway whoever does it will get good advises from the Norwegian team. And if nobody else takes the responsibility, the Norwegian team will surely do it again - it was a pleasure. Go to top of page.

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