Wheel of Morality

Note: In the first two lists I have changed the pronouns to third person - in the first entry, for instance, Dot actually says "To discuss how cute I am?"

When Yakko announces that "it's That Time again" -

Dot thinks it's time to
  • discuss how cute she is
  • do one of their cute little skits
  • floss [twice]
  • get their rabies shots
  • make a tea sandwich
  • make fun of the Disney Channel
  • say something really cute
  • search for Elvis on 7-Eleven
  • waste their lives
  • (see below)
Wakko, on the other hand, thinks it's time to
  • change their underwear
  • make a gooky (?)
  • make bizarre faces
  • make bubbles with their spit
  • make fun of people in Range Rovers
  • make the Fox censors cry
  • pretend to throw up
  • put cucumbers in their ears
  • put (?) out the show
  • remember the Alamo
  • send away for the free brochure
Actually it's time to spin the Wheel of Morality, which usually (when they don't win a prize) comes up with morals like these

The reasons the numbers don't match is that twice I couldn't figure out what Dot is saying, and once she repeated herself ("to floss").
Let me know if you can help with the missing lines. I don't know the episode numbers, but the two where I couldn't figure out what time Dot thinks it is are the ones inculding the P&B episodes "Pavlov's Mice" and "Meet John Brain".
The surplus of morals comes from occasions when a different intro was used.

There are also other bits of dialog that differ from time to time in these fillers, but I have to stop somewhere short of quoting the entire scene... Alright, just one then:

"That makes me feel all warm and squishy... or did I sit in something? (Dot)